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    2-in-1 Auto Dimming Sunglasses for Men with Photochromic

    2-in-1 Auto Dimming Sunglasses for Men with Photochromic

    These 2-in-1 photochromic sunglasses have an auto-dimming feature to turn dark instantly when placed under the sunlight. Now there is no need to carry multiple glasses for day and night driving. This sunglass has a built-in light sensor chip to detect the sensitivity of light and turn the glasses dark and light according to it. You can use these glasses for bike rides, snow driving, night driving, and other outdoor activity.

     These photochromic sunglasses are lightweight and do not contain any battery to operate. It is also equipped with some protective features like polarised, UV400 protection, and harsh light glare. More features and specs are given below to consider and you can check is accurate price from the link given here.

    Features of Auto Dimming Sunglasses for Men with Photochromic

    1. It has a built-in light-sensitive chip to turn the glasses dark in sunlight.
    2. These automatic sunglasses does not require any battery to operate.
    3. It takes only 0.1 sec to turn dark and back to transparent.
    4. These glasses are polarised and also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
    5. You can wear this while driving during the day and night.
    6. The dimension of these glasses is 66mm X 40mm.
    7. These glasses are crystal clear and feel comfortable on the eyes.

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