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Portable Solar Powerbank to Charge Mobile Anywhere (Type-C)

Portable Solar Powerbank to Charge Mobile Anywhere

Mobile phone is an important source of communication but sometimes they run out of battery and we don't get a power source to charge it quickly. To solve this problem you can use this portable solar power bank specially designed for Android mobile phones having Type-c port. This power bank has a built-in solar panel to charge itself from the sunlight. 

This solar power bank is portable, lightweight, and protected from water. You can easily hang this device in a keychain, or backpack or carry it in a pocket. More features and specs about this cool gadget are given below to consider and you can check its current price from the link given here.

Features of Portable Solar Powerbank to Charge Mobile (Type-C)

  1. This Powerbank has a built-in type C port to direct plugged in.
  2. It has a 1200mAh battery to charge your phone in case of emergency.
  3. On the top, it gets solar panels to charge itself from sun rays.
  4. This device is protected from water and dust.
  5. Input and output voltage is 5V-1A and solar input is 0.2W.
  6. This solar power bank can be recharged with any USB port.
  7. It is compact lightweight and easy to carry while traveling.
  8. There is no need to carry a separate data cable to charge a smartphone.
  9. This solar power bank is also available for iPhone devices.

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