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3 Best Voice Assistant Speakers for Smart Homes in 2023 [New]

3 Best Voice Assistant Speakers for Smart Homes in 2023 [New]

Do you need a perfect voice assistance speaker that can help you to do everyday tasks via voice command? If yes! then you have to check out the 3 best voice assistant speakers we picked for your home. It works on AI and machine learning together to recognize voice commands in multiple languages and perform tasks accordingly. Smart speakers need to be connected to the internet to access all features of voice assistance. It also connects to other smart devices in your home like Fan, AC, TV, and LED light.

1) Amazon Alexa 5th generation Speaker 

Amazon Alexa 5th generation Speaker

This is the latest generation of Alexa that comes with some unique features like motion detection and temperature sensor. You can use it to control smart home devices like smart lights, plugs, TVs, ACs, geysers, and more. Use the motion detection feature to automatically turn on smart lights when you enter a room or turn them off when the room is vacant. We have listed detailed pros and cons of Amazon Alexa 5th generation Speaker to consider.

Pros of  Amazon Alexa 5th generation Speaker

  1. If you have 2 of them, then you can create stereo sound by connecting them together.
  2. It is compatible with the Alexa voice assistance app to control Alexa enables home devices.
  3. It has a motion detection feature to turn on the light when movement is detected.
  4. Amazon Alexa 5th gen has Spotify connect feature.
  5. This device also has a built-in temperature detection feature.
  6. You can ask for cricket scores, jokes, time, temp, quiz, poem story, bhajan, or song.
  7. You can mute and unmute the device by pressing the given button on the top.
  8. It has a 1.73" big speaker with a 44 MM driver that produces excellent sound quality.
  9. It comes with 1 year of warranty.

Cons of Amazon Alexa 5th generation Speaker

  1. The weight of this smart speaker is 340 grams.
  2. The number of microphones is only 1.
  3. Not able to recognize individual voices.

2) Google Nest Audio smart speaker with Google Assistant

Google Nest Audio smart speaker with Google Assistant

This smart speaker has one of the best sound outputs with a built-in 75mm Woofer and 19mm tweeter. It produced a 75% louder sound as compared to Google Home. You can also control smart home devices like TV, LED, FAN, and AC using this Google Nest audio speaker. It is also compatible with music streaming services like youtube and Spotify. So if your priorities are loud music with a deep base then you can consider this smart speaker. 

Pros of Google Nest Audio smart speaker

  1. Pair 2 Nest Audio speakers for stereo sound
  2. Say Ok Google to stream media from Spotify, YouTube, etc.
  3. Control compatible lights, TV, AC, and other devices with voice
  4. It has built-in privacy to delete what you said or mute the mic.
  5. Control smart devices with voice using the google home app.
  6. 3 Microphones to capture sound easily from all directions.
  7. It is available in black charcoal and white color.
  8. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0
  9. Easy to set up using your mobile phone.

Cons of Google Nest Audio smart speaker

  1. Google Nest Audio smart speakers are not compatible with Alexa-enabled devices
  2. The sound quality in full volume is a bit harsh.
  3. There is no 3.5mm audio port to attach external speakers.
  4. Bigger in size and heavier in weight makes it a stationary device.
  5. The lack of bass at high volume can be improved.

3) APPLE HomePod Mini with Siri Assistant 

APPLE HomePod Mini with Siri Assistant

Apple has introduced a high-end luxury smart speaker that comes with a Siri assistant. This Omnidirectional speaker produces 360 sound audio which is perfect for music lovers and it works perfectly with IOS ecosystems like iPhones, iPad, iMacs, MacBooks, and Apple TV. It is compact, lightweight, and comes in 5 different color options (blue, orange, grey, white, and yellow). It has an Airplay feature to play music or communicate with other home pods using the Intercom feature. More pros and cons of this smart speaker are given below to consider.

Pros of APPLE HomePod

  1. It has Airplay that allows a wireless connection from any Apple device.
  2. Excellent sound quality with 360 audio experience.

Cons of APPLE HomePod

  1. The price of this Apple home pod is high as compared to Alexa, and Google Nest.
  2. Work great with only the Apple ecosystem.


We have tested and picked the 3 Best Voice Assistant Speakers for Smart Homes in 2023. All these voice assistance speakers are value for money and you can buy any one of them according to your need and features. Alexa Ecodot 5 is perfect for those who need the latest features like motion detection, better device compatibility, shopping, and the biggest music library. If you are into an Apple ecosystem the APPLE HomePod works perfectly for you.

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