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    3-in-1 Smart Shaving Trimmer Machine for Men

    3-in-1 Smart Shaving Trimmer Machine for Men

    This smart shaving trimmer has 3 unique attachments like sharp cutter head, floating head, and nose trimmer. This means you can trim your beard or do a close shave with this smart trimmer. It has a 600mah battery that provides 90 minutes of backup on a full charge. This trimmer is compact, lightweight, and has self-sharpening stainless steel blades. 

    This is a must-have 3-in-1 smart trimmer every man needs. You can also use this gadget as a gift to your boyfriend, husband or brother, and dad. More features and technical specification about this product is given below to consider.

    Features of 3-in-1 Smart Shaving Trimmer Machine for Men 

    1. This trimmer comes with 3 attachments (cutter head, floating head, and nose trimmer).
    2. It provides an excellent backup of 90 minutes after full charge (takes 2 hours).
    3. This smart trimmer has self-sharpening stainless steel blades.
    4. Compact and lightweight which makes it easy to carry in your backpack.
    5. In the box, you will get 3 attachments, a mult-size comb, and a charging cable.
    6. This trimmer is Waterproof with IPX7 technology.
    7. Amazon's rating of the product is 3.6 out of 5.
    8. It provides fast charging compared to the standard trimmers in the market.
    9. The weight of the product is 370 grams only.

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