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Mini Action Camera with Gimbal to Record Stabilize Video in 4K

Black Action Camera with detachable Gimbal in white background

Do you need a compact video camera that records stabilized video in 4k? then you need to check this newly launched mini action camera with a detachable gimbal that has a built-in 3-axis gimbal to capture professional video in 4K with an ultra-wide angle of 130 degrees. It gets a Sony IMX577 1.55μm 1/2.3" CMOS Image Sensor with AI tracking mode.

You can detach the gimbal of this action camera and use it in different scenarios with the use of 1/4" screw and magnetic base. You can use this for vlogging, adventure sports, traveling, and professional videography. We have listed a few features of this mini-action camera below to consider.

1. Detachable Gimbal with Magnetic base

Detachable Gimbal with Magnetic base

The mini action camera has a detachable base that can easily connect to a regular GoPro mount, tripod, and other camera accessories. Due to its magnetic base, it can be placed on any metal surface. This mini camera is versatile and encourages you to be more creative in the videography field.

2. Camera Sensor Quality

Camera Sensor Quality

The camera uses a really good sensor called Sony IMX577. It captures excellent picture quality with its 1.55μm 1/2.3" CMOS Image Sensor. You can control camera functions like panorama, track timelapse, motion timelapse, slow motion, and others via mobile applications.

3. Portable and Compact Size

This mini-action camera is portable and lightweight (159 grams only). The detachable feature makes it more versatile to use. Now you don't have to carry a big DSLR to record professional videos when this pocket camera can do the job efficiently.

4. AI Object Tracking Feature

Mini Action Camera with Gimbal to Record Stabilize Video in 4K

The built-in gimbal rotates itself to track the predefined object on the screen. This gimbal is specially designed to record stable videos in every situation like riding a motorcycle, walking, running, or doing any adventure sports.

Technical specs of Mini Action Camera with Gimbal

  1. Camera Sensor -1/2.3 inch CMOS(Camera)
  2. Video resolution - Max 4K@60fps(Camera)
  3. Mic- Built-in Dual microphone on main body and gimbal.
  4. Display- 1.3 inch Touch Screen(Remote Handle)
  5. Battery Life - 60min(Camera) and 5h-wireless connection
  6. Video angle - 130° ultra View
  7. Photo Modes Single Shot, Panorama, Motion lapse, Hyper lapse
  8. Video Modes Video, time-lapse, slow motion video
  9. Weight - 159 grams only.
  10.  Shutter Speed - 1/8000 to 16 sec.

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