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Bluetooth sunglasses with built-in Speaker and Tint Control

Bluetooth sunglasses with built-in Speaker and Tint Control

Do you need smart sunglasses that have a built-in Bluetooth speaker and you can control the tint level with just one click? if yes! then this smart Bluetooth sunglass will surprise you. It has some futuristic specs like built-in speakers, voice assistant, fast charging, and Electrochromic lenses to change tint with one clock.

You can connect these Bluetooth sunglasses with a mobile application to control their features like listening to music, tint control, and taking calls. These smart sunglasses come with a fast-charging case which is made up of Soft neoprene material.

You can wear these Bluetooth sunglasses during the day and night by adjusting the tint level as per your need. The audio quality is excellent and it feels comfortable throughout the day. More features and specifications are given below to consider.

Features of Smart Bluetooth Sunglasses

  1. It has electrochromic lenses with adjustable tint levels.
  2. You can connect these sunglasses with your mobile App.
  3. It gets 2x Open-ear audio speakers and a microphone to listen to music and take calls. 
  4. Best Polarized lenses to eliminate reflections and keep your sight safe.
  5. Trendy Wayfarer design is suitable for male and female faces.
  6. These Bluetooth sunglasses are IPX4 Waterproof and Dustproof.
  7. It comes with a Fast-charging case for quick recharge.
  8. Built-in location finder just in case you lost it somewhere.
  9. It has 110 mAh battery capacity with fast charging (80% in 15 minutes)

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