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    Best Hand Free Mount Kit for Mobile and Go-Pro camera

    Best Hand Free Mount Kit for Mobile and Go-Pro camera

    Do you like making videos without holding your camera? Then you'll love this hands-free mount! It can hold your phone, GoPro, or another small camera.

    It's super secure because it has strong magnets. You can also turn your phone sideways or up and down to get the best video angles.

    The mount is made of comfortable silicone, and it's easy to put on with just one button. It's great for making videos from your point of view. Check out more details below!

    Features of Hand Free Mount Kit 

    1. The neck mount uses magnets, so you can easily put it together or take it apart.
    2. You can point your camera or phone in different directions, like up and down or sideways.
    3. The neck holder feels soft on the outside and is strong on the inside.
    4. It works with many types of cameras and phones, like GoPro and iPhones.
    5. In the standard package, you get a Neck Mount, Screw, and Adapter.
    6. There's also a kit that includes more parts like a Magnetic Neck Mount, an Adapter for phones, and screws.
    7. It's really easy to lock and unlock, with no complicated steps.
    8. It works with lots of different cameras and phones.
    9. The package includes everything you need to use it.
    10. You can use it with different kinds of cameras and phones.

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