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    3-in-1 Car Gadget with Jump Starter, Air pump and Powerbank

    Every automotive enthusiast requires this 3-in-1 Car Gadget capable of smartly jump-starting their car in emergencies, inflating flat tires, charging mobile phones, and illuminating the surroundings with the brightest flashlight. 

    3-in-1 Inflator, Jump Starter, and Powerbank For All Cars

    Next time when you go on a long road trip always carry this 3-in-1 Car Gadget with you. We have explained its 3 Features in detail.

    1. Portable Car Jump Starter

    Imagine you're on a road trip, and your car battery dies with no one around to help. That's when this 3-in-1 device comes in handy. It can jump-start your car in just a few seconds. The device has a powerful 12V (2500A) battery that can start your car up to 50 times on one charge. It comes with black and red cables that you simply attach to the battery terminals. This gadget is easy to use and can be a lifesaver, especially when traveling to remote locations.

    2. Wireless Fast Tyre Inflator 

    Now, there's no need to worry if your tire goes flat in the middle of the road. Just grab this 3-in-1 inflator, and your car will be good to go. It includes various nozzles for different objects such as tires, footballs, swimming pools, bicycles, motorcycles, and other inflatable items. You can even set the desired pressure on the digital display, and it will automatically shut down once it reaches that value.

    3. Work as a power bank

    This device comes with a built-in powerful battery that can be used to charge multiple devices, such as mobile phones, cameras, dashcams, and other gadgets.

    4. Brightest LED Flashlight

    This Device is also equipped with 400 lumens of bright LED light with 3 modes (normal, strobe, and SOS). This LED can run for an hour continuously.

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