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iZYREC Smallest Voice Recorder: Is It Worth Buying?

We've taken a close look at the smallest voice recorder from iZYREC. This tiny gadget is impressive, able to capture clear voices in any situation, whether it's a meeting, interview, voice memo, or even making videos for social media. Here's our thorough analysis for you.

iZYREC Smallest Voice Recorder Review

Built Quality & Dimensions

iZYREC Smallest Voice Recorder built quality

When I first hold this device, it feels really nice. It's thin, light, and feels high-quality. It's only about 2 inches long, 1.7 inches wide, and a quarter inch thick. Plus, it only weighs 18 grams. It comes with a magnetic clip and two Velcro pieces, which make it easy to use.

How This Voice Recorder Works

iZYREC Smallest Voice Recorder how to use

This mini voice recorder offers two modes: manual and app control. In manual mode, it functions as an independent voice recorder, automatically saving recorded files in its memory. 

iZYREC Smallest Voice Recorder modes

When switched to app mode and connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone, you gain access to saved recordings and control features such as scene selection, voice-activated recording, scheduled recording, and AI noise cancellation.

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Audio Quality 

iZYREC Smallest Voice Recorder audio quality

When I recorded my voice for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the AI noise cancellation feature worked. It effectively reduced all background noise without needing any editing. 

The recorder captured the treble, bass, and vocals very clearly. It captures every detail with lossless recording at 1536 kbps. You can easily transfer the recorded files to your phone via the app using Bluetooth or connect it to your PC using a Type-C cable.

Multiple Usage 

iZYREC Smallest Voice Recorder multiple usage

This small voice recorder is great for making voice memos, YouTube videos, attending meetings, and recording voiceovers. It's available in two storage sizes: 64GB and 32 GB. You can easily access and listen to your recorded voice using a mobile app that works with both iPhones and Android devices.

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Battery Life

iZYREC Smallest Voice Recorder battery life

With its 450mAh battery, the iZYREC MINI can continuously record for up to 30 hours and stay on standby for an impressive 75 days. You can conveniently check the remaining battery levels on the app. Additionally, it features a Type-C port, allowing you to charge it from any USB port, such as a power bank, adapter, or laptop.

Drawback of iZYREC Smallest Voice Recorder

One minor drawback arises when using it for YouTube videos, as audio syncing with video requires editing in a video editor. Direct compatibility with camera audio would elevate it to the perfect recorder of 2024.


The iZYREC MINI voice recorder impresses with its enhanced app experience, allowing easy file management and sharing. Its discreet size, equipped with a clip and Velcro, makes it portable and versatile for hands-free recording anywhere. Starting recording is a breeze with a simple slide function. 

With AI Noise Canceling and dual microphones, it delivers superb sound quality at up to 1536 Kbps. Plus, its 450mAh battery ensures up to 30 hours of continuous recording and 75 days of standby. Offering ample storage options and file protection, it's a reliable choice for capturing and safeguarding important audio recordings.

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