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    This Electric Bottle Can Boil water easily - Winter Gadget

    Now getting warm water in winter is much easier with this portable electric bottle that can boil water in a few seconds. It has a digital display where you can set its functions to boil, keep warm, and temperature regulation. The inner layer of this electric flask is made up of 304 stainless steel food-grade material which is safe to use.
    This Electric Bottle Can Boil water easily

    This gadget is versatile; you can use it to make tea, coffee, Maggi, and porridge. Its compact size allows you to take it anywhere, and its secure twist lock mechanism prevents spills, making it travel-friendly. Plus, it has steam release vents on top to let out excess air pressure when boiling water.

    More pros and cons of this product are listed below to take a look.

    Pros and Cons of Electric Bottle can Boil water

    1. The capacity of this electric bottle is 500 ml.
    2. It boils water quickly and keeps it warm for a longer period.
    3. This bottle has 6 functions to coos from digital display.
    4. Adjustable temperature from 45 -95 degrees Centigrade.
    5. Comes with Dechlorination, Porridge, and cancel function.
    6. Durable double-layered body.
    7. The power input is 300W.
    8. It comes with 1 year of warranty.
    9. The weight of the product is 700 grams only.

    Tech Rater's Review: I love this new winter gadget because it's compact and easy to use. It has quickly become my favorite.

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