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    Clip-on Power Bank for Android Phones with Fast Charging

    When we travel, it's hard to find a socket to charge a smartphone on the go. In this situation, this portable and compact power bank can help you charge any Android mobile that comes with a Type-C port. 

    Smallest Power Bank for Android Phones with 20W Fast Charging

    The primary selling point (USP) of this clip-on power bank lies in its 20W fast charging capability and 5000mAh capacity. Moreover, it eliminates the need for any charging cables; you can simply attach them directly to your smartphone.

    This power bank is suitable for travelers and backpackers. It's handy and takes up less space in your pocket. It has a 5000mAh capacity, and the peak output is 5V/3A. Now your mobile will never run out of power if you have this mini power pack. 

    More features and specifications about this product are listed below for you to take a look at, and you can check its current price on the Amazon website.

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    Features of the Smallest Power bank for Android Phones

    • This power bank has type-C input and output which is compatible with all Android phones.
    • It has a capacity of 5000mah which is adequate to charge devices from 50% to 70%.
    • The charging indicator shows the remaining power.
    • You can charge it quickly using a PD charger.
    • The compact size makes it travel-friendly and convenient to use.
    • Amazon's rating of this product is 3.7 out of 5.

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