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Mobile Phone Holder Mount for Bikes/cycle

Mobile Phone Holder Mount for Bike

This mobile phone holder mount is made up of a high-quality aluminum alloy which is considered to be highly durable and rust-free. It is specially designed to hold your phone securely and protect it from any scratches. It has a screw mechanism to tighten the mount across your smartphone. 

This mobile mount is recommended for all bikers out there who use google maps for navigation during their ride. This is a highly durable and long-lasting product. Moto-vloggers and bike riders use this kind of mobile mount on their bikes. It has a soft cushion on each corner that protects the phone from scratch. More features and specs about this gadget are given below.

Features of Mobile Phone Holder Mount 

  1. It is compatible with 22mm handlebars (0.9")
  2. This phone holder is suitable for all motorcycles with handlebars.
  3. It comes with non-slip adhesive tape that protects against scratches.
  4. This mobile mount is made of high-quality aluminum material.
  5. It is very durable and holds your phone safely.
  6. It comes in three colors Black, red and blue.
  7. It can be adjusted from 50-100mm according to the size of the phone.
  8. You can use it for Maps and GPS Navigation.
  9. It is a lightweight and long-lasting product.

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